Pertti Pikkarainen

Manage all your security in one place

Viria Security is one of Finland’s largest security companies, and is the only one to focus on a holistic approach covering everything from door locking systems to DDoS protection.

Text: David J. Cord
Advances in technology have brought the worlds of physical and digital security closer together and now they can be managed as a whole.
“You can visualize and manage your entire security situation through our LANmanage customer portal,” explains Pertti Pikkarainen, executive vice president of Viria Security. “You will see exactly how safe you really are.”

Everything in LANmanage

The portal is intuitive and easy to use, with simple categories such as services, monitoring and reports. Users have all their information in one place, as well as the ability to take specific actions. There is even an online chat option if they want some quick help from Viria.
“Customers can see and take actions with the services they have, such as rapid detection, filtering, authentication, video surveillance, alarm systems and automatic doors,” Pikkarainen says. “There is even a map function in LANmanage, so a company can look at their different buildings in different cities to see the status of active devices and equipment.”
A pop-up in the dashboard warns the customer if an incident has been detected. From there, it can move up the regular tiered format. If necessary a cyber or physical incident can go to response specialists and security engineers to take appropriate action. Their cyber security operation centre is ready to react quickly.

The need for total security

A company can manage their comprehensive security with the ability to order or change things as needed.
“LANmanage is our digital dialogue with the customer. It vastly increases their situational awareness so they know how safe they are at any given moment and what they can do to improve. This same data can also be used in business intelligence applications.”
Viria Security is investing heavily to offer the best security to their customers. The unique nature of the Viria parent company also gives them special strengths in internal development: their sister firms Bitfactor does the software development while Aureolis develops business intelligence applications. This summer Viria announced the purchase of information security monitoring and response specialist Ymon, which will strengthen Viria’s digital security offering.
“Data can be stolen digitally and physically,” Pikkarainen points out. “You need total security to protect your information, people, assets and ensure business continuity. Our vision of one security matches this reality.”
This article was originally published in Business Class Oct 2018 – Jan 2019.

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