Viria Strengthens its Cyber Security Services by Acquiring Spellpoint Ltd

Viria, a company specialized in information and security technology solutions, has acquired Spellpoint Ltd, a company spezialized in identity and access management (IAM) solutions. The acquisition strengthens Viria’s total security offering in the central field of cyber security.

“Spellpoint is an excellent supplement in our offering. IAM solutions are needed everywhere, where information systems and networks are used. IAM solution ensures that only persons with appropriate rights have access. Thus, it is a fundamental thing in terms of cyber security and data privacy. The bigger the organization, the more complex the access control is. Enhancing it our customers can gain remarkable savings”, says Pertti Pikkarainen, Director of Digital Security of Viria.
Founded in 2000, Spellpoint is an IT service provider that serves big and mid-size companies as well as public administration organizations with identity and access management (IAM) services. The company employs 26 people. Petteri Aatola, one of the former owners, will continue as the CEO of the company.
“Viria enables Spellpoint bigger investments in growth and productization of services. We are able to offer even more competitive services to our clients in the future. Viria’s strategy as a cyber security operator is greatly in line with the IAM strategy of Spellpoint and I see interesting new opportunities”, says Petteri Aatola, CEO of Spellpoint.
Viria provides companies with comprehensive security to protect against threats coming both through the network and from the physical world. In addition to cyber security, Viria provides physical security services, such as camera surveillance and intrusion alarm. In the networked world the boundary between these two is vacillating: it is possible to hack the internal network of a company through an unprotected camera or enter the building by hacking software systems. Therefore the safety needs to be assessed as a whole.
Further information
Viria: Director of Digital Services Pertti Pikkarainen, tel. +358 50 0511467,
Spellpoint: CEO Petteri Aatola, tel. +358 445215805,
Viria is a strong expert in digital and physical security, information management and digital services. The Viria Group consists of the parent company Viria Plc and its subsidiaries Viria Security Ltd, Aureolis Oy, Bitfactor Oy, Ymon Ltd, Tansec Oy, Hibox Systems Oy and Spellpoint Ltd. All companies experience good growth and they have a steady place in the market. Viria’s revenue in 2017 was EUR 88 million and it employs about 660 people.
Spellpoint secures digitalization with identity and access management solutions. Many popular Finnish listed companies and public administration organizations are customers of Spellpoint. Spellpoint’s revenue in 2018 was about EUR 3 million and it employs 26 people.

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