Viria and SentinelOne to start cooperation

Viria Security and the autonomous cybersecurity platform company SentinelOne have joined forces to start a large scale cooperation for penetrating the Finnish market with cutting edge endpoint security solutions.

SentinelOne has developed a best of breed endpoint security software product and cooperates with Viria for the Finnish market because of their strong expertise and thorough knowlegde in this area. By combining SentinelOne with the high standards and abilities of Viria’s cybersecurity unit, an unparalleled and 24/7 comprehensive service can be offered that covers each facet of the threat life cycle from protection to monitoring, response, recovery and forensics- offering a 360 insight and overview into each and every endpoint.
Pasi Yliluoma, Director Business Development at Viria Security explains: “As the way in which people use endpoint devices have changed, threat surface areas have also grown remarkably. The number of threats and attacks on endpoint devices is growing daily throughout the world, and endpoint protection will be one of the most vital components of cybersecurity. We searched a long time for the best possible service production partner, and we are very excited now that cooperation with SentinelOne is beginning. This cooperation will help us further bolster the operations of our cybersecurity unit and it will provide us with the best possible combination to protect users and terminal equipment. Thanks to this cooperation, we will truly be able to produce comprehensive cybersecurity services for the protection of our customers and their employees, always and everywhere.”
Steven Loewy, Director Strategic Global Accounts at SentinelOne: “For every market we follow the same strategy, we are not after many partners, but the right partners. In the Finnish market we wanted to work with a partner that showcases a high degree of expertise, knowledge and footprint in cyber security, Viria and SentinelOne matches seamlessly in these key success factors. And Viria has a high standard in terms of technical know-how- the same DNA that our company holds near and dear to its heart. We are looking forward to working with Viria and trust to be very successful together in driving joint initiatives in the Finnish market.”
Further information
Director of Business Development Pasi Yliluoma, tel. +358 40 5158725,

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