Murros is an opportunity to create something new – Aureolis and Bitfactor are in favour of utilising change

In a world in which competition is constantly increasing, a strong customer experience is the key to success. Data utilisation, customer understanding and design tools enable the creation of experiential and insightful services.

From these ideas came Murros, a visionary specialist service of Viria Group companies, Aureolis and Bitfactor.
Murros discovers new business opportunities in the digital world and builds data-driven organizations, with superior customer excellence. “Customers are used to the tailored, well- targeted content and service experience of international corporations, and they expect the same level of service from all operators,” says Aureolis’ CEO Katja Ahola. “We help our customers to take advantage of this change. By building capabilities for data-oriented design, organizations will reach superior customer experience and succeed in the competitive market,” continues Ahola.
“There is strength in cooperation and, with 300 experts working together, Murros offers an extensive service for our customers – from tailored data management to implemented digital service packages, and a full range of services for data platforms, AI solutions, and more. Murros combines a broad perspective with in-depth expertise,” says Bitfactor’s CEO Juha Meronen.
“It’s wonderful to see two Viria Group companies combine their forces so concretely. Bitfactor and Aureolis are from the same corporate family, and both are top-class experts in their fields. Together we can offer our customers a very comprehensive service package for business digitalisation in different fields,” enthuses Viria Group’s CEO Samu Konttinen.
Further information
Katja Ahola, CEO, Aureolis,, +358 40 842 2752
Juha Meronen, CEO, Bitfactor,, +358 50 375 2160
Founded in 2001, Aureolis is a company of specialists in information management that helps its customers to succeed using business information. The company employs 135 experts in BI and AI, and its offices are located in Espoo, Oulu and Lappeenranta.
Bitfactor is an Oulu- and Helsinki-based company specialising in digital business. The company helps its customers in the planning of digital strategy, and designs and implements digital services. Bitfactor employs approximately 170 professionals in the fields of design, analytics and technology.
Viria is a supplier of information and security technology that builds digitalisation securely. Viria combines solid expertise in management through information, digital business and physical and information security. Viria Group’s revenue in 2019 was EUR 103 million and it currently employs about 710 people.

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