Loihde Plc strengthens its regional service capability in security technology by acquiring Hämeen Lukko Oy

Today, the security solutions and digital development specialist Loihde has signed an agreement through which it acquires the entire share capital of Hämeen Lukko Oy. The transaction takes effect immediately.

Hämeen Lukko Oy produces locking and electronic security technology services in the Hämeenlinna and Salo areas. Therefore, it is an excellent supplement to Loihde Trust’s regional service capability, especially in the Kanta-Häme region, where Loihde does not have any offices already. In addition, Hämeen Lukko functions as a reseller of Loihde Trust’s alarm transmission service and combining this business area with Loihde enables significant synergies considering the size of the acquisition. The acquisition also supports Loihde’s strategy to focus on continuing services in security technology.

In 2022, Hämeen Lukko’s revenue increased 10% year-on-year and amounted to EUR 5.2 million (according to FAS). The company’s EBITDA margin came to 10%. The company has 22 employees.

“One of our competitive advantages is our strong regional service capability, and Hämeen Lukko is an excellent supplement to our nationwide branch network. We also see an opportunity to achieve clear scale advantages and synergies in alarm transmission services, where Hämeen Lukko is a significant reseller of our services”, says Loihde Trust’s Managing Director Marko Järvinen.

“It’s not just our security technology and locking offering that unites us with Loihde, but also our long history. Hämeen Lukko was founded in 1952, and as a family business, we have grown and developed with customer needs and technology. As a part of Loihde, we now get more resources and are able to serve our customers when it comes to more extensive projects as well. To us, Loihde is a new safe home”, says Hämeen Lukko’s Managing Director Marko Järvenpää.

The debt-free purchase price of the acquired share capital is EUR 2.4 million and it is paid entirely in cash. The M&A transaction is expected to have a positive effect on Loihde’s revenue for 2023. However, the acquisition does not affect Loihde’s guidance for 2023, according to which Loihde expects revenue from the security business to increase more than 10% and the Group’s adjusted EBITDA to improve compared to 2022.


Further information

Loihde Plc’s CEO Samu Konttinen
Loihde Trust Ltd’s Managing Director Marko Järvinen
Media contact: Director of Communications Tiina Nieminen, tel. +358 44 411 3480 or tiina.nieminen@loihde.com

Hämeen Lukko:
Managing Director Marko Järvenpää, tel. +358 40 020 3685, marko.jarvenpaa@hameenlukko.fi


Loihde enables business continuity. We help our customers to create growth and competitiveness through digitalisation and to protect themselves from physical and cyber threats. Loihde consists of two business areas: security solutions with the brand Loihde Trust and digital development with the brands Loihde Advance, Loihde Factor and Loihde Cloudon. The Group has approximately 885 employees and its revenue in 2022 amounted to EUR 123.0 million.



Loihde Oyj:n toimitusjohtaja Samu Konttinen
Loihde Trust Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Marko Järvinen
haastattelupyynnöt viestintäjohtaja Tiina Nieminen, puh. 044 411 3480, tiina.nieminen@loihde.com

Hämeen Lukko:
toimitusjohtaja Marko Järvenpää, puh. 040 020 3685, marko.jarvenpaa@hameenlukko.fi

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Loihde on liiketoiminnan jatkuvuuden mahdollistaja. Autamme asiakkaitamme luomaan kasvua ja kilpailukykyä digitalisaation avulla sekä suojautumaan fyysisen ja verkkomaailman uhilta. Loihde koostuu kahdesta liiketoiminta-alueesta: turvaratkaisuista, jossa toimimme Loihde Trust -brändillä, ja digitaalisen kehittämisen liiketoiminnasta, jossa brändejämme ovat Loihde Advance, Loihde Factor ja Loihde Cloudon. Henkilöstöä konsernissa on noin 885 ja sen liikevaihto vuonna 2022 oli 123,0 miljoonaa euroa.

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