Security solutions

The underlying concept of Loihde’s security business is “One Security”. Both physical and digital means of protection are needed to protect people, information and property. The development of technology has increased the convergence between these two aspects of security, making it possible to manage them as a single whole. We are the forerunner in this in Finland.

Loihde Trust (formerly Viria Security) is one of Finland’s largest comprehensive corporate security providers. Loihde Trust produces cyber security and corporate network services, as well as security technology and locking solutions.

Loihde Trust produces comprehensive corporate security solutions, from security technology to cyber security. When corporate security is viewed as a whole, you can create a business environment for the customer, where the customer is able to develop and focus on core competencies.

Digital development

We boost our customers’ competitiveness with data analytics and digital services that are based on a solid understanding of our customers and their needs. Through our over 350 experts, we are able to offer our customers very versatile services in digital development and business intelligence.

Loihde Advance (Loihde Analytics and Loihde Advisory together) is a strategic developer of business, services and data. We turn strategy into action by transforming data into understanding, converting operating models into practice and transforming technology into user-friendly services. Our mission is to enable business continuity and create success stories of the digital age with people in focus.

Loihde Factor (formerly Bitfactor) plans and implements people-centred digital services and strategies for companies of all sizes. We dive deep into the world of our customers and lead them towards new horizons with the help of design, analytics and technology, as well as strategy and forecasting work.

Use of data and digitalisation are also closely related to Loihde’s security business: Security systems, such as surveillance cameras, produce a lot of data that can be utilised in the customer’s business.

Cloud technologies

Cloud services and technologies are closely linked to both of our business areas. In December 2022, we strengthened Loihde’s cloud expertise by acquiring the cloud company Onrego, which now is called Loihde Cloudon.

Loihde Cloudon is a company specialised in cloud technology and hyperscale cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. Cloudon helps its customers migrate applications and data to the cloud, modernise their IT infrastructure and enable new business opportunities using cloud capabilities.