For shareholders

Loihde is a growing, solvent and profitable company with a strong market position in emerging markets. The demand for physical and information security solutions is strongly increasing, and by combining the two we, as the only company in Finland, are able to offer companies and organisations total security. However, we are not content to merely secure information, but instead we turn information into results – Loihde is the only operator in the field who is capable of adding advanced analytics to security services.

Our solid balance sheet enables strong growth by means of acquisitions in line with our strategy. Our ambition is to also grow outside Finland.

As far as increasing the shareholder value is concerned, the principal aim is to increase the value and tradability of our share. Our ambition in the next year is to make Loihde a company with such an outlook for growth and profitability as to possess the preconditions for potential listing.

Loihde has a wide-ranging Finnish shareholder base. Our owners include more than 30,000 companies and private individuals.

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