The physical and digital world are becoming increasingly intertwined, which creates new needs and opportunities for corporate business operations and security. Loihde helps its customers to succeed in a time of digital transformation and to secure people, information and business continuity.

Loihde’s business consists of two separate business areas: digital development and security solutions. Capabilities that bridge the two businesses – such as systems integration competencies and making use of the data generated by security systems – provide the opportunity to create more comprehensive service solutions for customers and thereby promote the company’s competitiveness. The businesses have many customers in common as well as the potential for cross-selling.

Organic growth and improving profitability

Loihde aims to increase revenue and improve profitability in both of its business areas. The achievement of these goals is supported by the strong digitalisation trend in society, the robust growth of the cyber security market and the company’s strong market position in physical security. The company’s view is that digitality will break through in nearly all industries, the data-driven approach and the use of data in all business activities will increase in significance and, simultaneously, technologies will develop at a rapid rate. To keep abreast of this development, companies will take advantage of the expertise of partners such as Loihde.

We focus on growth segments in digital development and the security market

In digital development, the company’s strategic focus is on growing service areas such as data analytics, service design, software development and cloud technology development projects. A major priority is also the controlled introduction of artificial intelligence as a part of digitalisation. A trend that has been evident in the market in recent years is companies aiming to establish customer relationships starting from the planning and design stages of digitalisation projects, as being able to sell one hour of design work typically means selling several hours of software development work. The Talent Base acquisition completed in spring 2021 takes Loihde in precisely this direction in the value chain.

In the security business, the company continues to develop cyber security and cloud transformation services in response to changing customer needs. Digitality and the significance of information security are also growing in physical security solutions, while analytics is creating new growth as increasingly advanced video surveillance and access control systems become more commonplace. Loihde continues to refine its unique One Security® total security concept that covers both digital and physical security. The company is confident that it will strengthen its position as one of Finland’s strongest comprehensive service providers in physical security and aims to achieve market leadership in Finland.

Synergies through cooperation within the Group

During the past few years, the company has completed a number of acquisitions that have created the core of today’s Loihde. The acquired companies have operated as separate entities under several different brands. The company aims to develop and harmonise the Group’s operations, increase cross-selling and develop synergistic comprehensive solutions. One clear indication of the creation of a more coherent Group is the brand renewal carried out in 2021 that will see all of the Group companies moved under the Loihde brand.

Accelerating growth through selected acquisitions

Loihde aims to continue to make focused acquisitions to support its selected direction of growth. The company’s strong balance sheet enables acquisitions that support its strategy.

People make Loihde and its services

Highly competent and committed personnel enable a high level of customer satisfaction. The company wants to be a highly sought-after workplace that offers well-being, professional development and the experience of doing meaningful work each and every day. Loihde’s slogan, “People first since 1882” refers to the customers for whom the company works as well as the personnel on whose expertise the company is built.