We make safe digitalisation.

We contribute to our customers’ success in two manners:

    1. We help them utilise data and digitalisation in creating a better customer experience and a competitive advantage.
    2. We provide peace of mind by protecting people, information and assets with solutions that ensure safe, secure and smoothly running everyday life.

We build innovative and sustainable digital services that are based on a solid understanding of customers and their needs, gained through service design and data utilisation. We are a forerunner in the development of data-driven organisations.
We are the only company in Finland that offers total security, which covers both digital and physical protection and consequently improves the efficiency of the customer’s security management. We want to make security effortless and enable safe and smooth use of data, systems and passageways for authorised persons.

Strong growth is one of the key targets of our strategy.

The strong digitalisation development of companies and society in general and the intertwining of the digital and physical worlds provide a fruitful ground for the growth of Viria and its services. Our goal is to grow faster than the market.
In our view, growth is boosted by the strong demand for our services and our strategic focus on growing service areas, such as data analytics, business digitalisation and cyber security. Our extensive customer base provides us with opportunities to find significant synergies in service sales and the mutually complementary competences in our business operations serve as a foundation for new innovative customer solutions. Our strong balance sheet also enables us to make corporate acquisitions that support our strategy.

The cornerstone of our success is people and their skills.

Our high customer satisfaction ratings are based on our skilled and committed personnel and our ability to provide services throughout Finland. We want to be a workplace that offers well-being, professional development and experiences of doing meaningful work each and every day.