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Luovi Vocational College – Data warehouse modeling creates the basis for an implementation project

In collaboration with Loihde, Luovi Vocational College created a centralized data warehouse modeling project for its internal and external reporting needs. The aim of the project was to create a model for a data warehouse that provides monitoring and metrics data for reporting and decision-making purposes. Previously, Luovi had carried out its internal reporting manually, but due to growing internal and external reporting requirements, they needed a data warehouse as the basis for reporting.

The modeling project produced a data warehouse model for Luovi’s use, which makes it possible for Luovi to put the data warehouse implementation project to tender. The modeling project defined the metrics and monitoring data to be reported and prepared an architectural plan for building the reporting environment. The Primus student administration system and the Webropol system provide data for the reporting.

Data warehouse model supports further development

The architecture plan developed by Loihde is based on Microsoft technology. The architecture plan utilizes the SQL Server database server for ETL drives and data warehousing, as well as the SharePoint server’s electronic desktop as a distribution channel for reports. The architectural model produced can be used locally, as a cloud service or as a hybrid, which Luovi chose as its solution model.

“The data warehouse modeled by Loihde provides a good starting point for Luovi to plan the competitive tendering and implementation for the data warehouse. The expertise of Loihdes’ employees during the modeling project increased Luovi’s own expertise in data warehousing and enables us to plan further reporting function development more independently in the future,” says Anne Tornberg, Development Director at Luovi.