Corporate responsibility themes

We have chosen five areas of responsibility that are most important to our stakeholders and on which we have the greatest impact. On the basis of these themes, we defined the priorities and objectives of our responsibility work, which covers both our internal operations and our handprint, i.e. development activities related to the services offered to customers.

1. Safety and peace of mind

Building a safe information society is at the core of Loihde’s operations. Every day, we protect people, information and other assets in hundreds of customer companies and public administration bodies from physical and digital threats.

2. A better world through digitalisation

Digital services and the efficient use of data can save natural resources, reduce the environmental load and promote people’s well-being.

3. People first

Our guiding principle is “People first”. People are at the heart of everything we do; both our customers, who are the purpose of what we do, and our employees, who are the creators of our success.

4. Ethical strength

Our operating guidelines aim to ensure that all of those employed by Loihde act responsibly and with respect for others.

5. Our impact on the environment and society

Our business creates jobs and cash flows across Finland and in Sweden. We operate in 24 locations and serve customers nationwide.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes our operating methods and values, as well as our commitment to comply with ethically sound principles.
Download Loihde’s Code of Conduct here.

For us it is also important to detect potential problems so that they can be solved as soon as possible. Suspected wrongdoings can be reported through our electronic whistleblowing channel.