A better world through digitalisation

Digital services and the efficient use of data can save natural resources, reduce the environmental load and promote people’s well-being. Through the solutions we build for our customers, we have a positive impact on the environment and society, and we are building a more sustainable future. Examples of this include energy consumption optimisation solutions that reduce emissions and save energy, or information management models that enhance internal and mutual information management in the new wellbeing services counties.


Responsible use of data takes many aspects into account.

The amount of data available to businesses is growing at an accelerating pace. The increasing and easier collection of data also exposes it to accidental or even intentional misuse, which may be due to the poor quality of the data, distortions in its processing or inadequate protection of sensitive data. Responsible use of data also takes environmental matters into account, by optimising data transfer, storage and handling as energy efficiently as possible. We consult and support our customers in the responsible use and quality management of data and its proper protection.

Management model for responsible artificial intelligence

There is a particular interest and future value in but also concerns about
artificial intelligence, AI, its utilisation and manageability. We are among the
first companies in Europe to develop an AI management and audit model. We are part of the AIGA project, where a group of companies and communities that develop and use AI solutions together create principles and practices for the responsible use of artificial intelligence. The project is coordinated by the University of Turku.

We support customers in managing sustainability data.

We help our customers not only to act responsibly, but also to prove it. The regulation of responsibility reporting is increasing and stakeholder expectations are growing. Data on responsible and sustainable activities must be reported with the same accuracy and reliability as financial data. As an information management expert, we support our customers in collecting ESG data from various sources, managing it, ensuring its quality, and organising it in a reportable format. In connection to this, we create insights about impact and priorities of sustainability actions.