Our impact on the environment and society

Our business creates jobs and cash flows across Finland and in Sweden. We operate in 24 locations and serve customers nationwide. Wages, salaries and remuneration paid by Loihde in the financial period 2021 amounted to EUR 47.8 million. In addition, we create financial well-being indirectly through the subcontractors we use.

With regard to the climate and the environment, we believe that Loihde also has the opportunity to have a positive impact through its customers: By implementing digital solutions that save resources, we can encourage our customers and their stakeholders to actively work for the environment.

We value the Finnish welfare model and are prepared to do our share to foster it, also by paying taxes. In 2021, Loihde paid EUR 0.8 million in income taxes.

Quality and environmental work

Loihde’s quality and environmental work is certified. Loihde Trust Ltd and Loihde Analytics Ltd have an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Loihde Trust Ltd also has an ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental quality system.

Through continuous improvement, we aim to prevent the waste of resources and to reduce our energy consumption and the resulting emissions. We are currently studying the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of Loihde in more detail, with the aim of setting new environmental targets in 2022.

Sustainability and efficiency

In all devices, equipment and fleet, we emphasise safety, sustainability and efficiency in line with the life cycle approach. We also promote the circular economy by directing waste energy from data centre cooling systems to the district heating network, whenever possible.

Company bicycles

In 2021, we introduced company bicycles as a new employee benefit in order to reduce commuting by car and to promote exercise. In the first year, 11% of Loihde employees took advantage of the benefit and acquired a company bicycle.