Loihde as an investment

We build digital solutions for customers and protect them from cyber security risks and other security risks.

At the heart of our operations is increasing our customers’ competitiveness by utilising data and digitalisation and helping our customers secure people, data and business continuity.

In the digital development business, we offer our customers services in business intelligence and data utilisation as well as in digital development. The business area also focuses strongly on developing AI solutions.

Our security business consist of both physical security and cyber security services. Our physical security services mainly consist of locking, camera surveillance and other security technology solutions. Our cyber security business focuses on, for instance, network and endpoint protection, identity and access management, information security consulting and secure IT infrastructure.

Capabilities common to the business areas, such as expertise in system integration and utilising data produced by security systems, enable providing more extensive services to customers and thus improve Loihde’s competitiveness. The business areas have several common customers and potential for cross-selling.

Our key strengths

  • Loihde is one of the largest providers of comprehensive corporate security in Finland
  • Loihde offers the whole value chain of digital development
  • Networked model brings benefits and efficiency
  • Two main business areas bring growth opportunities and stability in economic fluctuations
  • Loihde has a committed and professional personnel
  • Loihde has a diverse and broad customer base
  • Loihde’s strong balance sheet enables acquisitions supporting the strategy

Tunnuslukuja 2020

106,8 M€


6,2 M€

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