Loihde as an investment

We build digital solutions for customers and protect them from information security risks and other security risks.

At the heart of our operations is increasing our customers’ competitiveness by utilising data and digitalisation and helping our customers protect people, information and business continuity.

We operate on the digital service and security markets, which are growing and central for the development of society. The intersection of the digital and physical worlds is increasingly linking together both our operating markets, which creates big opportunities for the development of our customers’ business operations but also introduces new threats.

In the digital development business, Loihde helps customers utilise data and digitalisation to improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage. Loihde offers business intelligence and data analytics services as well as digitalisation solutions that range from service and user interface design to software development.

Loihde’s security business focuses on protecting people, information and the business continuity of its customers. In a networked world, this requires both digital and physical means of protection, and Loihde’s security solutions cover both cyber security services and physical security services, like locking and security technology solutions.

Our key strengths

  • We are one of the largest providers of comprehensive corporate security in Finland.
  • We offer the entire value chain of digital development.
  • Our network model leads to advantages and is efficient.
  • Our two main business areas create opportunities for growth and provide stability when there are economic fluctuations.
  • Our employees are committed and skilled.
  • We have a diverse and large customer base.
  • Our strong balance sheet provides stability and enables acquisitions that support our strategy.

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Key Figures 2022

MEUR 123.0


MEUR 10.3

Adjusted EBITDA