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Developing an effective and agile project model


Veikkaus is dedicated to continuous product development and innovation. Prior to developing the new project model, they would spend a lot of time and money processing many of their product development ideas before knowing what they were actually supposed to produce. Processing ideas without a clear idea or knowledge of their feasibility, they may have consumed resources at the expense of better ideas. With this project, Veikkaus aimed to identify good ideas early on and boost agile development. In addition, Veikkaus wanted to insource the development of their gaming systems.

To create a new project model, they needed assistance from experts who have know-how and wide range of experience of method development. This is why Veikkaus opted for Loihde. On the one hand, they wanted to develop agile methods and on the other to combine them with the traditional project models to be able to execute projects in an effective and controlled manner.


In developing their new project model, Veikkaus utilized Loihde experts’ previous experience and key observations on how projects are conducted at Veikkaus. Together they worked on a new operating model by discussing and sparring each other. At the same time the needed internal roles and expertise were identified. Loihde experts helped Veikkaus to recognize which elements of agile development they should use and to being clear about what they are aiming for. As a result, they deployed the so-called CAPO® operating model in the early stages of the product development process. With this model, they were simultaneously able to assess the concept, architecture, proto stage and the operating model as a whole. The new approach offered them a light way of weighing ideas as part of business case evaluation. In addition, Veikkaus decided to strengthen the internal technical product development team with new people and roles.

”We are now much better at assessing whether we have a viable concept in our hands, how it fits into our architecture, and whether it’s something that could be turned into a prototype. Also, the model helps us to establish early on how this new idea and change will affect our technical environment,” says Reni Waegelein, CIO at Veikkaus.

In the new operating model, an idea is taken into a closer inspection when it is decided that the idea will be transferred from the proto stage to an actual development project. The concept, architecture, prototype and the specifications of the operating model will be elaborated in a way that allows them to proceed to technical implementation. Thereby they get a better idea of how the solution will affect the technical solutions and business processes of Veikkaus.


One of the biggest benefits of this joint project is that now they find it easier to discuss different types of ideas and assess where to target their development efforts. They are now able to immediately target resources at the ideas that will generate the biggest business benefits. Moreover, the viability of ideas and concepts has improved.

”Our collaboration with Loihde experts was definitely worth the while. With their solid experience in method development, they were able to push us to the right direction throughout the project. They also served as an independent party in tool evaluations, which was very valuable to us,” says Reni, content.