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Security Solutions

Secure, managed and accessible security technology and locking services that ensure the continuity of your business


At Its Best, Security Is Not a Constraint, but an Enabler

A safe and secure environment enables your operations in the facilities to be smooth and without any extra worries and gives you peace of mind even when you are not there. We focus on delivering secure and usable security technology solutions that are designed to ensure the security of people, assets and property in all circumstances. 

Our extensive network of offices in more than 20 locations ensures nationwide service capability and comprehensive support services for all your security and locking needs.


Security Technology Services

As security systems become more digital, an understanding of information security and connectivity is critical to delivering high-quality services. At Loihde, we provide comprehensive services, where the overall responsibility remains with Loihde and the customers can focus on developing their business. Our One Security concept ensures that the services are suitable for an increasingly digital world.

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Time Tracking
  • Fire Safety
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Alarm Transmission
  • Nurse Call System and Personal Safety and Security

Enjoy the Benefits of Digitalisation with Our Comprehensive Expertise

A digitalised environment creates many new opportunities to make the most of security technology, when systems, in addition to their primary uses, can be used to improve productivity or utilise analytics for various needs. Of course, the downside is that threat levels increase as devices and equipment are being connected to networks and other corporate environments.

Taking information security into account is nowadays critical for security technology systems as well. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge these two worlds and we extensively utilise our expertise in information security, data and AI in our service development.


Daniel Belmouloud

VP of Sales; Security Solutions

+358 40 127 1666

Locking and Door Environments

Every day, Loihde’s installers build implementations that allow authorised people to move freely and easily around the property, while denying access to outsiders. We are one of the largest lock companies in Finland and our nationwide branch network serves customers all over Finland. 

  • Locking
  • Key Management
  • Door and Gate Automation

We Ensure Business Continuity

As Finland's largest total security company, we help our customers design security systems that ensure continuity without forgetting user experience. 

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Everyone has the right to security

Both company employees and customers deserve to feel safe and secure.

The security of persons operating alone or in high-risk environments can be improved with a personal safety system, through which they can call for help, for example, if they are being attacked. In care work, a personal safety system helps to keep, for example, persons with memory loss under supervision and functions as a nurse call system.

Video surveillance can also be used to increase the safety and security of employees and customers, in addition to protecting property. Video surveillance has a preventive effect and also makes it easier to investigate incidents after they have occurred.

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Smooth Access Control

From the point of view of business continuity, it is important to protect the assets and information of an organisation. If they are correctly implemented, the protective measures also streamline working and bring certainty to your day-to-day work. 

Access control and access management can be used to enable smooth passage within the permitted limits while at the same time limiting unwanted traffic. 

By combining time tracking with access control, old school timesheets and manual calculation of time worked can be automated. An access control system is also easily integrable with, for example, a burglar alarm system.

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Detect threats and take action

A cornerstone of security is the ability to detect and react to threats rapidly and without exception.

With a burglar alarm system, you ensure that your operations are undisturbed and that product and personnel security is taken care of. The system monitors the facilities and the exterior and reports unauthorised intrusions as agreed, protecting, among other things, property from being destroyed and information from being leaked.

There is not always a criminal in action; a threat can arise, for example, if a fire ignites. Because of this fire safety is an integral part of security. It is the job of the fire detection and alarm system to not only detect fire but also sound the alarm and control different functions to minimise damages. The transmission of fire alarms to the emergency response centre is a critical part of rapid response and this is ensured through alarm transmission.

Expert and Maintenance Services

To achieve the best possible service level, we have a service centre where our technical experts attend to customers. In addition to the superuser services provided by the service centre, our maintenance service ensures the functionality of your security systems throughout their lifecycle. 

  • Service and Maintenance
  • Documentation Service
  • Superuser Services

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