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Cloud & Connect

We provide modern, always accessible connections and ensure that cloud technology fully supports your business needs and goals.


Modern Cloud and Network Solutions

We provide modern network solutions and end-to-end cloud solutions that support your business. We help businesses adopt cloud technology, modernise their IT infrastructure and increase their competitive advantage using cloud-native capabilities.

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NIS2 – The New Network and Information Security Directive

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National Application of the EU's NIS2 Cybersecurity Directive Starts in 2024

For critical sectors and critical operators at a national level, it is a good idea to start preparing now for NIS2, the Network and Information Security Directive.

Read more about NIS2 on our Finnish site

Managed Services

In a networked and digitalised environment, information systems, networks and the cloud are interlinked and form a critical whole. To ensure smooth operations, the functioning of systems, networks and the cloud must be monitored, and any disruptions must be dealt with as soon as they occur.

  • Managed Cloud
  • Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Managed Network 24/7
  • Corporate Network

Your Partner for Every Step of the Cloud Journey

The cloud and networks aren’t just technology or a single project. Secure networks and connections, designed and implemented to meet your needs, are the foundation of business continuity. At the same time, cloud adoption is transformation and it will affect your entire business. Delivering on the promise of the cloud and realising its benefits requires continuous development. 

That's why we exist. We ensure that modern network solutions and cloud technology fully support your business needs and goals.


Tomi Viinikainen

VP of Sales; Cyber, Cloud & Connect

+358 50 373 0217

Expert Services

We have made it as easy as possible for you to make use of our experts. Our Consultant as a Service model prioritises resources for your use. You decide where and how you use them. Our experts will be at your disposal in accordance with the agreed resource allocation for the duration of the agreement. You will gain a wealth of experience in different industries, best practices and a clear price advantage for expert work.

  • Cloud Masterclass
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Migration
  • Pilvipolku™
  • Cloud Development and Modernisation
  • Information Network Architecture Design

A Well-Managed and Secure Environment

We deliver managed, deployable and secure network and cloud solutions through which our customers' environments can be optimised and connectivity can be ensured regardless of place or time.

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A well-managed and secure Azure environment

Managed Cloud for Azure is a managed service (MSP) and continuous support and maintenance service for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Microsoft Azure cloud services. It includes 24/7 monitoring, support, management and maintenance.

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SD-WAN creates a single, unified network

Our SD-WAN Service cost-effectively connects offices and cloud services into an integrated and well-secured private corporate network. The service enables centralised information security management of the network and network devices, increasing the resilience and security of the network solution.

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A securely maintained, supported and monitored server environment  

Even in the cloud era, a large part of applications and services will still run on servers. For the point of view of accessibility and information security of applications and services, it is particularly important that these servers are in good condition and well maintained.

Connections That Support Your Business

Our collaboration covered a lot of ground over several years and laid the foundations for our cloud computing and future development. At Keva, our thoughts about the cloud have evolved during the project. We have discussed topics ranging from technical development needs to development speed, security issues, and how to ensure continuity.


Tommi Heinonen, IT Director, Keva

Of course, Loihde’s solution created synergies with other services that we already were using. The content of the delivery process and the price were also important factors affecting our choice. We feel we get more than we pay for. At first, we tested the model on a few sites and now the concept has been tested on around 70 different sites.

Marko Pitkänen, IT Infrastructure Manager, Lujatalo


We identified the need to renew our network infrastructure and only Loihde understood what we really needed and were looking for. We had a clear intention not to manage and maintain the network ourselves, but to use our IT resources for other work. We also don't want to be dependent on physical offices or solutions, such as our own physical firewalls.


Kim Stenberg, Information Technology Specialist, Diktamen


It is important to us to be able to work with our partners to solve issues and implement solutions quickly and to find the right solutions for our business needs. We were looking for an agile cloud partner and found Loihde. Customer satisfaction: 5/5; we have got exactly what we wanted from Loihde.


Lauri Neuvonen, IT Service Manager, Tokmanni


Licences, Equipment and Software

Get equipment or Azure cloud capacity and Microsoft 365 access rights directly from a skilled partner. Our cloud capacity service includes a support service and a self-service portal where you can manage your organisation's access rights and Azure subscriptions yourself.

  • Microsoft Azure and M365
  • Azure Stack HCI

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