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We Are Loihde

Loihde takes a holistic approach to promoting smart digitalisation and security.

We Enable the Continuity of Our Customers’ Business

Security, connectivity and up-to-date digital services are vital to every organisation, and in these areas, Loihde is the most comprehensive partner.

We help our customers to gain a sustainable competitive edge through data, AI and digitalisation, to harness the potential of the cloud and to protect themselves against both physical and cyber threats.

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We Adapt Technology for the Needs of the People

Even when technology is complicated, its use should not be. We transform complicated setups into services that are easy to buy, use and understand.

Loihde has a wide range of customers in several industries. Read about the solutions we provide for sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

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People First since 1882.

Loihde’s history can be traced back to 1882, when a group of merchants in Vaasa established Oy Waasan Telefooniyhdistys to bring people together and promote business. This means that Loihde has shaped the future across three centuries.

Today, we are a work community of 880 experts, with people at the heart of everything we do. This includes our customers, who are the purpose of what we do, and our employees, who are the creators of our success. This is summarised in our slogan People first since 1882.

We want to operate near our customers and our network of 24 locations in Finland ensures a strong nationwide service capacity. Our largest offices are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in Oulu.

133 M€

Revenue in 2023

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Adjusted EBITDA in 2023


Employees in 2023