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Insider Management

In matters related to inside information, Loihde complies with applicable law, such as the Market Abuse Regulation, and the guidelines for insiders published by Nasdaq Helsinki. In addition, the company has formulated its own insider guidelines, where instructions and regulations relating to insider management, publication of inside information, maintenance of insider lists and transactions of the management are defined.

Insider Lists

Loihde maintains a project-specific non-public insider list for projects that have inside information. All people that have access to inside information specific to the project or event are listed as insiders. Persons that are on the insider list are informed in writing of this and of the obligations consequent on this, as well as of the applicable consequences of insider trading and illegally expressing inside information.

The company’s insider lists are maintained using a system that meets legal requirements. 

The maintenance of project-specific insider lists may be ended after the project has been disclosed to the public or after it has been terminated. Persons that are on the insider list are notified when the project ends and the project-specific insider list is closed. Persons included in an insider list may not trade in the company’s financial instruments on the day that the inside information is disclosed to the public. 

Trading Restrictions

The management of Loihde must schedule its trading in the company’s financial instruments so that it does not reduce general trust in the securities market.

Management refers to the members of the company's Board of Directors and CEO, their deputies, and the members of the Leadership Team.

Management cannot trade in the company's financial instruments on their own account or on that of a third party during a closed window of 30 days preceding the publication of the financial statements release, business report and half-year report, nor can they trade on the day of publication. If the financial statements contain material information not previously disclosed in the financial statements release, the closed window also applies to the financial statements. The restriction on trading also includes persons that participate in the preparation of profit reports or get information of their forthcoming content before the information is published.

Managers' Transactions

Based on the Market Abuse Regulation, Loihde Plc’s management and their related parties must report trading in the company’s financial instruments made for their own account both to the company and to the Financial Supervisory Authority without delay and no later than within three working days of the trading. As for the company, it has to publish the transactions in question as company announcements without delay and no later than within two working days of receiving the information.

Instructions for completing a new notification:

The transaction notification shall be made using the electronic services provided by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. Further instructions are available here

Information needed on the form:

Loihde Plc’s LEI code: 7437009IZO2SU9TPO664
Shortname of Loihde’s shares: LOIHDE
ISIN: FI4000014238
Case number: is automatically generated

On the third page, you will see the notification you have completed in both XML format and as a summary in stock exchange release format. You can copy this information from the page to be emailed to the issuer (Loihde), who is required to disclose the notification information. The email address is Also, include your phone number in the email so that we can contact you if we have any questions.
From the fourth page, you can download the notification you have made as an attachment in pdf format. Click the Send button to send the notification to the FIN-FSA.
Loihde is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the management or their related parties.