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Cyber Security

Our cyber security services predict, protect, detect and respond to incidents to ensure business continuity

Do you suspect that your organisation is the target of a cyberattack or do you need urgent assistance with a cyber incident?



National Application of the EU's NIS2 Cybersecurity Directive Starts in 2024

 NIS2 is an EU cyber security legislative act that aims to achieve a high common level of cyber security across the European Union. NIS2 replaces the previous NIS Directive, extending its scope and requirements. The Directive defines the minimum measures that the operator must take. 

Read more about the directive and its requirements on our Finnish site

Protection Tailored to the Attack Surface

Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to or wouldn’t have the time to protect everything. But if you act smartly, you can avoid some of the worst-case scenarios. Security is about making the right choices and clever investments. When you know your attack surface, you also know what to focus on. Attack surface dimensioned protection is Loihde’s starting point for keeping everything safe. When you focus on the right things and utilise top-notch expertise, there will be no more hassle and you will avoid making life too difficult for the users.


Tomi Viinikainen

VP of Sales; Cyber, Cloud & Connect

+358 50 373 0217

Managed Services

Our cyber security experts throughout Finland help organisations to predict, prevent and mitigate the information security risks they face. 

  • CSOC – Cyber Security Operations Centre
  • OT/ICS Cyber Security
  • Administrative Information Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)
  • Access Management for Administrators
Microsoft Security Serti

Expert Services

The best results are achieved with the help of a sparring partner. With a sparring partner, you get an objective perspective on your situation, fact-based insights, and potentially new insights and solutions, as well as up-to-date information on trends and best practices. This brings certainty, efficiency and savings, through better processes and resource allocation. 

  • Information Security and Data Protection Assessment
  • Information Security Testing
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Luotsi – IAM Assessment
  • IAM Experts

Cyber Security Ensuring Business Continuity

We concluded that in today's world, you have to have a CSOC. Also, it wasn’t possible for us to commit our own resources to this or to create our own on-call arrangements, for example. In our business, the operating environment, of course, has to remain stable, and in practice there is a risk of serious disruption without a CSOC.



Petri Helin, IT Manager, Grano


Scaling up is particularly important to us, especially from the perspective of international operations and strong growth, says Pasi Kiljunen, IT Manager at Iloq.

Expertise is the thing that matters the most. We have a long history of cooperation with Loihde. It's easy to do business and you don't have to spell things out. It's a pleasure to work with the experts at Loihde.


Pasi Kiljunen, IT Manager, Iloq


Operational reliability is a key issue for us and cyber security is an important part of that. Information systems must work and the ability to make quick decisions when necessary is essential. Without the distribution of electricity or heat, services won’t work. Legal obligations must be met, but we want to do even more than that. We have been a Loihde Trust CSOC customer since 2015 and currently use several of the cyber security services provided by Loihde.

Jami Miettinen, Digital Director, Kuopion Energia


We got a tip from a colleague who had worked with Loihde that Loihde could be a suitable partner for us. It was nice to find that there was a domestic alternative available that could provide all the services we need in this sector. Everything else we’d heard about Loihde was positive, such as the employer brand, ways of working and history, so we decided to give it a try, which was a good choice.

Aleksi Häkli, Senior Software Engineer, Vincit


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