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Financial sector development requires the ability to innovate, efficient ways of working and solid industry knowledge.

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Innovation is a development process that requires experience

We will boost the competitiveness of financial actors in digital transformation. Our top experts will take your data projects to the finish line, create the best services for your users, build a functioning cloud environment and infrastructure and ensure service availability and organisational security to benefit your business. We are honoured to take the initiative and we keep our promises.

For these reasons, we are now the domestic development partner of more than 20 financial sector players and we have operations all over Finland. We are more than 300 experts with knowledge of the financial sector and we have been working on development projects in the sector for more than 20 years. You can sleep well at night, when Loihde does things for you.

Why Loihde?

Loihde is the number one partner in security and digitalisation

Our core competencies are security solutions, cyber security, data and AI, digital services and cloud services and connectivity. The solutions we build must address genuine business challenges. New solutions must play as part of the whole and evolve according to the needs of the business.

Our strong team of experts provides a seamless service experience. We offer individual consultants and tailor-made teams to meet your needs, and we can also deliver complex projects. We support clients with change management, large-scale mapping and renewals. We provide flexible services: adaptability and scalability are our strengths.


Katja Ahola

EVP, Business Development

+358 40 842 2752

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