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One Security

Corporate security made easy. We integrate the different aspects of security into one data-driven security.

One Easy and Measurable Security

Today, effective threat prevention requires an overview of the total security of the organisation. In an increasingly digitalised world, the traditional division between the different areas of security no longer works, and handling cyber security and security technology systems separately will inevitably leave gaps in protection. One Security combines digital and physical security into a single, easy-to-use service that delivers both proactive protection and a clear picture taking into account the specificities of your business. When security is managed as a whole, significant competitive advantages and cost savings can be achieved by letting different areas of security benefit from data generated by other areas of security.

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Data-Driven Security

The One Security perspective highlights your blind spots and focuses on the bigger picture rather than on individual security systems, outlining the state of your total security. This approach reveals security flaws that can be addressed proactively. One Security is a goal, a mindset and a tool that takes security to a sustainable and constantly evolving level. Data-driven security is based on the identification of customer needs and risks, and knowledge of the technical systems in place and how to bring their data together. This creates one genuine security, One Security.

Adaptive Security in an Increasingly Digital Environment

The fragmentation or siloing of security areas limits operations and security effectiveness. We combine the different areas of security to deliver the most effective overall solution.


Security Technology

Electronic security systems such as video surveillance, access control and locking provide the basis for protecting property, information and people. One Security takes technical security systems into account as an important part of total security effectiveness.

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Cyber Security

Our 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Centre that monitors and responds to incidents, as well as a range of tests and assessments, ensure that even in changing circumstances you can focus on your business and ensure the best possible conditions for development.

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Secure connections

Hybrid work is now affecting all organisations and there is an ongoing decentralisation of work to locations outside the office network. Fault-tolerant and monitored network connections are required to ensure uninterrupted and secure working, regardless of whether they are traditional connections or SD-WAN solutions.


Identity Management

In an increasingly digital world, identity has become ever more central to all protection. Regardless of whether it is about security, employee, superuser or customer access rights, identity management must be clear and effective.


Developing security as One Security is cost-effective and enables a smooth user experience. With an understanding of the big picture, it is easier to identify genuine needs and areas that need to be developed. In the end, the focus is usually on people and their identity, regardless of whether they are employees or customers. Only after that do we shift focus to technology solutions, governance models and so on.


Jarno Karvonen

VP, One Security & Services

+358 45 657 6074


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