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Loihde has committed to act in a responsible way and to follow ethical principles, laws and regulations. For us it is important to promote openness and transparency and to detect potential problems so that they can be solved as soon as possible. Hence, we encourage our customers, partners and employees to report all suspected wrongdoings and unethical activities. In this way, we get an opportunity to prevent or rectify wrongdoings and to develop our risk management and organisational culture.

You can report a concern through the electronic reporting channel of our business partner WhistleB or by directly telling the director or person in charge of the matter. When there are problems in the workplace, we encourage our employees to primarily contact their supervisor, the HR department or an employee representative. It is also possible to report a concern anonymously through our electronic reporting channel.

You do not need evidence to support your suspicions, but you must act in good faith.

The whistleblowing channel is meant only for reporting suspected wrongdoings. The channel is not meant for customer feedback or notifications of defects.

Every single report is dealt with in an absolutely confidential manner.