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All human beings and those who care for their wellbeing deserve having a smooth everyday life

It is our common mission to secure and streamline healthcare and social welfare services and rescue services, regardless of time and place.

We increase 360° security by protecting not only patients, customers and staff, but also data, connections and the built environment. We work with you to combat data breaches and cyber threats, and we take patient safety requirements into account when developing new ways of working and new solutions.

We are improving customer experience and developing the way we work with technological solutions. We support knowledge management by leveraging data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

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We are a nationwide partner for wellbeing services counties and private healthcare with more than ten years of experience. We also work with functions that are critical to society in the energy sector, the defence industry and the financial sector.

We combine what we have learned and best practices from other industries to create continuity for the welfare sector. With us, your work will be more manageable and effective. 


Timo Hänninen

Industry Director, Wellbeing

+358 41 731 8723


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