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First North Listing in 2021

Trading in Loihde Plc shares commenced on 7 October 2021 on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland (“First North”). There was no share issue or sale in connection with the listing.

The information below was provided at the time of listing.

Loihde in Brief

Loihde is a service company specialising in digital services and security solutions. Loihde builds digital solutions for customers and protects them from cyber security risks and other security risks. The company helps its customers utilise data and digitalisation and ensure continuity of business.

Loihde operates on the IT and security markets which are central to the development of society. The markets in which Loihde operates are growing, and the company is focusing particularly on growth segments within these markets.

Loihde has two business areas:

The Digital Development business area offers customers business intelligence and data utilisation services, as well as development of digital services. In addition, the business area focuses heavily on developing artificial intelligence solutions and creating data governance services. Loihde delivers its services in a technology neutral way, including, for example, all the leading cloud technologies.

The Security Solutions business area offers customers services in both physical security and cyber security. Physical security services mainly consist of locking, video surveillance and other security technology services. The company’s cyber security services offer customers, for example, network protection, protection of terminal equipment, identity and access management, information security consulting and secure IT infrastructure.

Capabilities that bridge the two businesses – such as systems integration competencies and making use of the data generated by security systems – provide the opportunity to create more comprehensive service solutions for customers and thereby promote Loihde’s competitiveness. The businesses have many customers in common as well as the potential for cross-selling.

In 2020, Loihde Group’s revenue amounted to EUR 106.8 million (2019: EUR 103.1 million), and the Group’s adjusted EBITDA was EUR 6.2 million (2019: EUR 5.5 million).

Loihde as an Investment

  • Loihde is one of the largest providers of comprehensive business security in Finland.
  • Loihde offers the entire value chain of digital development.
  • The network model leads to advantages and is efficient.
  • Two main business areas create opportunities for growth and provide stability when there are economic fluctuations.
  • Loihde’s personnel is committed and competent.
  • Loihde has a diverse and large customer base.
  • Loihde’s strong balance sheet enables the company to make acquisitions that support its strategy.


Company Description (in Finnish) (pdf)
Offering Circular (in Finnish) (pdf)

Half-Year Report 1 January–30 June 2021(pdf)
Annual Report and Auditor's Report 2020 (pdf)
Annual Report and Auditor's Report 2019 (pdf)

Company Announcements, Press Releases and Presentations

Company Announcement 27 September 2021 Loihde has submitted a listing application to Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd for the listing of the company’s shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace and will publish a company description

Press Release 7 September 2021 Loihde is planning a listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland

Loihde's Company Presentation Video 28 September 2021