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Loihde Family

Partner and Freelancer Network

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Welcome to our partner network, where information about available projects and experts looking for new projects is shared.

Loihde Family includes 900 of our own experts and more than 5,000 experts from partner companies and freelance networks. 

Partner Programme

Loihde Family is a partner programme for companies and freelancers that provide talent in:

  • development of digital solutions and cloud services,  

  • data and AI solutions, and/or  

  • development of online security and threat prevention.
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How Does It Work?

You can join us for free. Fill in the contact form and we will be in touch.

As a member of the Loihde Family, you will receive immediate notification of our new assignments. In the Loihde Family portal, you can see all our currently open projects and their details, including contact details.

Remember that you can also enhance your own company's expertise by using Loihde's data, digital, cloud, AI or information security experts.

Why Loihde Family?

As Loihde’s partner, you get be a part of our growth and excellent customer relationships. Our revenue in 2023 amounted to EUR 133 million.

We aim to increase our revenue by at least 10% annually, which also opens up new opportunities for cooperation – and our partner activities are currently growing at a remarkable pace.

Other Loihde Family benefits: 

  • You get a 50% discount on Loihde’s SAFe trainings.

  • You get a 5% sales lead bonus for new projects that are referred to us and in which we can employ talent from Loihde.

  • Add Loihde's strategy and architecture services as additional support to your own client project.

  • Benefit from cooperation in offers and sales.

  • Loihde has dozens of offices all over Finland. If you as a partner need workspace, please get in touch with us.

Mikko Mustakallio

Director, Partner Ecosystem

+358 40 861 9254



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