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Developers of critical infrastructure need experts with critical skills.


Critical Infrastructure

Developing, securing and maintaining critical infrastructure requires reliable experts who are familiar with industry processes, standards and practices. With us, you can be confident that you are getting a partner who is able to withstand critical scrutiny and develop.

We assist in leveraging data and AI to develop your digital business. We implement solutions for a secure and reliable production environment and build functional and secure networks and IT infrastructure.

We are a trusted partner of more than 40 energy companies. We also work with critical infrastructure in the healthcare sector, the defence industry and the financial sector.

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Secure and Stay Vigilant

Secure and stay vigilant in a new business environment – and ensure business continuity in a changing world.

Business continuity is ensured by building secure and sustainable IT solutions. In the energy sector, regulations and legislation are constantly introducing new requirements for IT and production environments. These include modern IT infrastructure and its protection, securing the OT environment from threats and modern cloud services to support business development.

Sustainable Competitive Edge

We help our customers to gain a sustainable competitive edge through data, AI and digitalisation, to harness the potential of the cloud and to protect themselves against both physical and cyber threats.


See, hear and retain the sensitivity to react

Modern energy sector operating environments require 24/7 operations not just from energy production, but also from the company’s infrastructure that must be able to see, hear and react around the clock. This is achieved through continuous, modern, agile and efficient monitoring and maintenance of IT systems and networks, as well as the detection of cyber threats.

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Create digital, do not settle for following

New services for customers, the digitalisation of existing business and the utilisation of data and AI will create a lasting competitive advantage for the energy industry. Data-driven intelligent services developed for customers are at the heart of this transformation. Data-enriched digital services help you create greater business transparency to meet ever-growing sustainability demands.


Act and develop efficiently

Invest in things that allow you to manage the big picture better. Can you currently manage the security of both the physical and digital environment at the same time or build a sustainable IT architecture as a whole? Feeling in control frees up energy for further developing your business.


Focus on the right expertise in the right places

Change starts with expertise. To stay competitive, it is essential to grow the right skills in the right and precise way. You can also fill skill or resource gaps by outsourcing a service, allowing you to focus on growing your organisation’s core competencies and focus. Embrace new, agile ways of working that enable you to accelerate change more effectively.


At Loihde, we create a competitive advantage for companies in the energy sector by enabling business growth and continuity. We build solutions that protect and enhance the operations of energy companies, increase security, improve services and utilise data.

The whole energy industry is changing and there will inevitably be leaps in technology. Ensure you are among the pioneers.




Jussi Viljanen

Industry Director, Energy

+358 50 482 1952

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