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Digital Services

We design and develop user-centred services in the time of artificial intelligence

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Design-Driven Software Development

We provide

  • Design-driven digital services 
  • Consulting in e-services, content management, web and backend services
  • Leveraging AI in business processes and intelligent services
  • Comprehensive solutions where expertise in cloud, security and data is combined in digital development projects

Sustainable Competitive Edge

We create innovative and sustainable digital services based on a solid understanding of clients and their needs gained through service design and data.

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If business is bad, user experience is often the problem

The easiest way to improve sales or collect leads is to design your service to make it easier for users to do business with you.

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AI-assisted work

AI-assisted jobs are constantly increasing. In customer service, in internal organisational processes or even in industrial production, AI is creating value that directly impacts the bottom line.

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When you need digital experts

When you need digital experts to help you with backend, mobile apps, integrations, frontend, embedded systems and other systems, we have hundreds of them.

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Use IT to implement your strategy

As organisations evolve, IT struggles to keep up. When your systems are a jungle, we help you to clarify and develop them.

Service Digitalisation

Strategic Change

  • Design of Digital Services
  • Development of Self-Service Channels
  • Process Automation
  • Improving work efficiency through AI
  • Smart Digital Services
  • Enterprise Architecture, Technology Maps and Choices
  • Business Design and Modernisation of Strategic Digital Services
  • Organisational Change and Making Strategy More Human

Loihde has been our partner from the initial service and usability design phase of our product development project all the way to the software development of the product. Cooperation with Loihde's skilled experts has been smooth and efficient."

Laura Piila, Vice President, Devices, Optomed