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Data & AI

We leverage data and AI to create value for your business

Data Management

Properly leveraged data and AI can improve efficiency, maximize results, create a competitive advantage and open up new business opportunities.

  • Analytics
  • Data Agent
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 Deployment Project
  • Data Governance
  • Data Catalogues
  • Data Harmonisation and Migrations
  • Data Quality Management Services
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Generative AI
  • Data-Driven Management and Culture Creation

Data Solutions

  • Data Consultant as a Service
  • Operational Data Quality
  • Enterprise Architecture for Reporting
  • Technology Trials
  • Data Platform Audit
  • Data Platform Modernisation
  • Data Platform as a Service

Support and Maintenance Services

  • Continuous Development
  • Analysis and Takeover Service
  • Support and Maintenance Service

Loihde's data experts quickly took charge of challenging setups, securing our team's data products for critical systems. Together, we promoted sparring and development in a pilot on the capability of GPT language models, and that later led to Caruna deploying its own AI."

Pekka Wartiainen, Head of Data & Analytics, Caruna

Sustainable Competitive Edge

We help our customers to gain a sustainable competitive edge through data, AI and digitalisation, to harness the potential of the cloud and to protect themselves against both physical and cyber threats.


When your data is all over the place, you need a working data platform

Data platforms allow you to manage, process and combine data and enable you to leverage multidimensional data. 

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Do you want easy chat access to data? Start using Data Agent.

Now you can have a conversation with your data. With GenAI Data Agent as part of your team, sudden data needs are no longer a problem. 

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When your data is scattered, you need better data management

Organisations are unable to utilise their data because it is 'out there somewhere' and the people who need it do not have access to it. This requires data models, data catalogues and data governance models. 

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It is about time to embrace AI and GPT language models

You can be sure that your competitors are using, or at least testing, the benefits of AI in their own operations. Now it is your time to shine too.

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