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Correction: Loihde Plc: SHARE REPURCHASE 22.2.2024

Loihde Plc: SHARE REPURCHASE 22.2.2024

Correction: The bought Amoiunt was incorrectly stated in the Finnish Exchange release.

Helsinki Stock Exchange        
Trade date: 22.2.2024
Bourse trade: BUY    
Share: LOIHDE    
Amount: 1 030 shares
Average price / share: 13,431 EUR
Total cost: 13 833,90 EUR
Following shares repurchased on 22.2.2024
the Group now holds 37 223 shares.
On behalf of Loihde Plc        
Lago Kapital Ltd        
Maj van Dijk     Jani Koskell        
Further information:        
CEO Samu Konttinen        
Media contact: Director of Communications Tiina Nieminen        
tel. +358 44 411 3480        


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