Corporate responsibility themes

Digitalisation and security

We play a significant role in building an increasingly digitalised world. For us it is important to do so in a secure and sustainable way.
We help our customers utilise information in a better way and create individual and secure digital services for them. Just as important as it is to create something new, it is to ensure the continuity of the customer’s business.

Well-being fairly

We operate in sectors where trust and customer-orientation are key.
For us, it is a self-evident choice to always act with integrity and in the best interest of our stakeholders.
Our growing and profitable operations create jobs and cash flows in different parts of the country.

People first

We want Loihde to be a comfortable work community that offers well-being and an opportunity to do meaningful work each and every day.
As expertise is the most important resource for us, the development of the personnel’s competence plays a significant role.
Every employee at Loihde has the right to feel appreciated and to get home healthy and safe.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes our operating methods and values, as well as our commitment to comply with ethically sound principles.
Download Loihde Group’s Code of Conduct here.

For us it is also important to detect potential problems so that they can be solved as soon as possible. Suspected wrongdoings can be reported through our electronic whistleblowing channel.