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Coronaria – Data management solution supports data-driven management

Coronaria chose Loihde as its partner for the creation of a new business intelligence management solution and the development of data-driven management. Coronaria has been growing at a fast pace for years. Acquisitions, continuous integrations, and the launching of new businesses require a great deal from the systems, and continuous changes are challenging especially for business intelligence management. With the help of Loihde, Coronaria’s old solutions, mainly based on Excel, were replaced with a modern turnkey solution based on Microsoft and Tableau technologies. The solution consists of numerous integrations, basic data management, data warehousing, extensive financial bootstrapping/equalization, business forecasting, budget management, and of course reports and analytics.

In the first phase of the project, the focus was on financial analytics and management reporting, and in the following phases the solution was expanded to include HR reporting. The solution has generated great added value, significantly reducing the amount of manual work, improving data quality and reliability, speeding up reporting processes, and enabling data-driven management. During this year, the solution was also expanded to a mobile format, and now the solution is available on all terminal devices regardless of time and place.

Sanna Jussila, CFO, CorGroup: We have been very pleased with our collaboration with Loihde. The schedules and budgets were not exceeded, and we have received a lot of support from Loihde in developing data-driven management. I highly recommend Loihde.