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Oulun Energia - Support services enable a focus on core business

Oulu Energy chose Loihde as its partner to supervise, manage, and develop its reporting environment.

The reporting environment is widely used in financial administration and management as a basis for business planning, for example. Before Loihde Loihde stepped into the picture, the company found it difficult to deploy a continuous service. Some of the reports did not work or could not be trusted. In case of disruption, they had to solve the problems on their own.

The report on the state of the environment also confirmed the problems. “The state of the reporting environment was confusing and the environment unstable. Some of the reports worked incorrectly, and some were not implemented at all,” says Maija-Kaisa Kuoppala, Service Manager responsible for Oulu Energy’s reporting services.

Partner to help with continuous services

Previously, Oulu Energy was responsible for its own supervisory and management tasks, which took resources and would have required continuous training for the employees. According to Oulu Energy, Loihde has made work much easier in this respect. The situation in the reporting environment is now better controlled as Loihde monitoring detects possible disturbances before the end users and corrects them quickly.

“Supporting and maintaining the reporting environment is a continuous work and commits significant resources if you want to implement it with high quality. Developing and maintaining expertise in Qlik Sense is not something we want to do in Oulu Energy’s data management. It’s great that Loihde takes care of these things.“ says Maija-Kaisa summing up the benefits.

Oulu Energy particularly appreciates its partner’s proactive approach. There are many things happening at the same time, and a partner must commit to their own role and take responsibility for the implementation of things as agreed. “Cooperation with Loihde has gone very well, and everything has been handled flexibly,” says Maija-Kaisa Kuoppala.

Now that the reporting environment has been stabilized and functions reliably, it is possible to look toward the future and further reporting development.