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Radiometer Turku – Process optimization solution for efficient production

Radiometer Turku is part of the Danish company Radiometer, which develops, manufactures, and sells diagnostic applications and measuring devices for emergency care. Radiometer is part of the diversified American Danaher Group.

Loihde designed and implemented a production process optimization solution for Radiometer Turku. As the work progressed, we were able to eliminate nearly 1200 steps of the process as we added automatic and semi-automatic process checks to the workflow. The solution implemented by Loihde improved the reliability of production processes and achieved 44% savings in the time it took to complete the targeted processes.

The work was carried out using the SAS JMP application. SAS JMP was well suited to the automation of data revisions, which made extensive use of statistical functions in addition to its scripting language. These included checks based on statistical models, the results of which can be retrieved in an easily reportable form for monitoring and reporting.

“The visually controlled user interface and the automation of processes have enabled most of the work to be transferred from leading experts to people in operational production and freed the experts to develop other operations,” says Salla Pasanen, chemist at Radiometer Turku. In her opinion, the collaboration with Loihde was straightforward and contributed to Radiometer Turku’s goal of developing its processes.