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StaffPoint – Business intelligence solution

StaffPoint selected Loihde as a partner for a business-driven Business Intelligence project in which a modern reporting system was created to cover business needs. As a result of the project, the accessibility, reliability and up-to-dateness of the data improved significantly. Another important objective was to harmonize concepts, streamline content, ensure functionality, and reduce manual and overlapping work. The second phase of the project involved the technical design, implementation, and deployment of the solution. StaffPoint also chose Loihde to execute this phase.

The project resulted in a modern data warehouse solution that meets the business requirements and needs, enabling versatile, efficient, and fast standard reporting as well as ad hoc reporting, data visualization, and multi-channel distribution of reports. The solution includes several integrations. With the solution, StaffPoint has been able to leverage business data in new ways faster and more efficiently.

New dimensions for the utilization of data

The implementation phase was carried out as an agile turnkey project including project management, solution consulting, design, and implementation work, as well as administrator training and maintenance. The new BI solution has significantly speeded up the processing and utilization of data, as well as decision-making. It has also succeeded n minimizing manual and overlapping work. It has enabled new data analysis dimensions, while improving access to data. This has also clearly increased the end-users' self-reliance and desire for information, in addition to expanding their understanding of business.

Tiina Braxenholm, Sales Operations Manager, StaffPoint: The new solution and its benefits certainly exceeded all our expectations. Collaboration with Loihde is very easy and seamless. I am very pleased that the project cost and schedule remained within the agreed limits and that the final result met all our goals. Excellent performance in all areas − once again. It is a pleasure to work with true professionals.

Susanna Huuskonen, CFO, StaffPoint: I joined the project when the content specifications and technological choices had already been made. With the help of Loihde, I quickly gained an understanding of the big picture. In a word, efficient, competent, and high-quality operations in all respects. Our management team set very high requirements for the project and the partner, and Loihde was able to meet the requirements in all areas. The consultants had extensive knowledge of content and technology. They gained an understanding of the customer’s source systems and business processes very quickly. I can highly recommend Loihde!