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Paulig – BI solution for more efficient reporting

Paulig’s business is global, data needs diverse and its user base wide. The new reporting solution produced in cooperation with Loihde Advance has brought data closer to the user across the Group and shifted the focus of the reporting work away from producing figures towards data-driven management.

The reform of the BI system has enabled the entire Group to monitor financial and sales figures on a daily basis. One of the solution’s strengths has proved to be the possibility of examining data from many different perspectives: business units, product types, customers, and market areas. For sales managers, the new BI system provided greater visibility into the development of their area of responsibility and the analysis of their customer segment. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be further itemized by comparing the sales of different products in each chain of stores.

Efficient reporting and more time for data analysis

The new BI environment has also reduced experts’ manual tasks. Before the introduction of the solution, monthly reporting too up a lot of working hours in internal accounting, where working time was spent updating Excel tables. The reform gave controllers more time to analyze the data, as the data was now readily and directly available. Excel tables that are prone to errors have also been discarded in sourcing operations, enabling better monitoring of suppliers and optimization of purchases.

The cooperation between Paulig and Loihde Advance resulted in a division of labor based on genuine expertise. Loihde Advance provided professional skills and know-how for efficient data utilization, and Paulig was able to focus on its own expertise, i.e. producing high-quality coffee, spices, and food for its customers.

Anders Rotkirch, Finance Director, Paulig:  The reform of the BI system has enabled us to manage our business with a different level of accuracy than before. Loihde Advance has been a truly competent partner, and their ability to implement content that supports different business needs has been especially valuable to us.